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  • Sony "Made For Bond" by Adam&Eve DDB Update only subscribers: click here to view Ads of the Week Why does the Weekly Update look different? You might have noticed a change in the appearance of the
  • and well-observed celebration of family ties from Adam&Eve DDB for McCain Foods. It's easy to accuse the ad's different vignettes of sentimentality and blatant inclusiveness but, you know what, in divisive
  • John Lewis Partnership "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Adam&Eve DDB >Woolmark "Live & Breathe" by TBWA Sydney >Nike "Unstoppable Together" by Wieden & Kennedy >Spark New Zealand "Generation Voice" by Colenso
  • Adam&Eve DDB makes fun of its own latest John Lewis Christmas ad and the annual anticipation for each year's release. The concept underlying all the agency's seasonal ads for Waitrose this year is that
  • first big European campaign for since Adam&Eve DDB took over the regional account. It's notable how the travel aggregator's marketing has become steadily less quirky and humour-led since it
  • In their recent work for Halifax, Adam&Eve DDB demonstrated their skill at repurposing retro media assets - like the Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Wizard of Oz and Ghostbusters - for advertising clients.
  • There's the germ of a decent ad behind Adam&Eve DDB's new UK campaign for Heineken-owned Amstel beer, but it's let down by rather shoddy digital work and a script that really stretches the underlying
  • ICRC "The One Gift Santa Can't Deliver" by Adam&Eve DDB >Chicken Licken "Legend of Big John" by Joe Public Emboldened by the acclaim showered upon its 'Blood Normal' film for Essity's Libresse / Bodyform
  • John Lewis & Partners "Elton John Lewis" by Adam&Eve DDB >Aldi Australia "Santa Crashes Christmas" by BMF >KFC UK "Chicken's Here To Stay" by Mother >Asahi Super Dry "Enter Asahi" by The Monkeys
  • transferring UK brand Pot Noodle from Lucky Generals to Adam&Eve DDB, which already manages several other of its brands. Click here for a summary of other account changes this quarter or here for the

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