Homelesness issues relating to homeless people. Network of homeless helping websites! Homeless links, do a search and find relevant link for homelessness! We know homeless as bums, beggars, hobos, vagrants, nuisances, annoying, freaks, addicts, violent and other nasty things thanks to the NEWS and the media. Sure, every class of people have the trouble makers, but most homeless people are just down trodden poor souls who simlply need some help and encouragement!

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Canadian homelessness, portrait of homeless people in Canada, statistic information, homeless orgs and safe places to crash
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Homelessness in U.S.A - Homeless americans, american vetrans that are homless

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Online shopping for unique gifts and gift ideas for friends and family. You can even buy a homeless person some clothes, or get the local panhandler our spare some change Tshirt!

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