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  • arrest meant deportation to the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto, and later relocation to Auschwitz, where she died in 1944. Photo: Yad Vashem July 27, 1943: Germans murder 17 Jews discovered
  • were deported first to Theresienstadt and then to Auschwitz, where Mrs. Guttmann died in the gas chambers. The twins survived Mengele's experiments and eventually were reunited after the war in the United
  • These testaments, such as this one at Theresienstadt, are open to all, and encourage understanding. Photo: Larry Glickman The Carmelite nuns had occupied the Old Theater building with the approval
  • a Jew, was the head of the ghetto guard in Theresienstadt, the "model camp" near Prague, Czechoslovakia. Lowenstein enjoyed considerable power within the camp as the commander of some 400 young men. He
  • A teenager when he was sent to the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto, Petr joined with other talented boys, led by Professor Valter Eisinger, to publish a secret "magazine" called Vedem (In
  • efforts saved the lives of 423 Danish Jews imprisoned at Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. In a daring wartime operation, the Jews were not only rescued from death but delivered by a convoy of buses to
  • Not until May 9 did Soviet troops reach the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto, where they found 19,000 prisoners alive. Polish and Soviet units freed the camp at Stutthof, Poland, on the 8th.
  • women were photographed as they left the labor camp in Theresienstadt. Photo: Archive Photos These outdoor ovens were located at the concentration camp at Stutthof, Poland. Usually they would have

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