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  • 1942: At the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto, a half-Jewish Czech youth named Petr Ginz conceives Vedem (In the Lead), a secret camp "magazine" of poetry, humor, gardening tips, and the grim
  • residents of a Jewish nursing home are deported to the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto. July 1943: In an American radio broadcast, Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler excoriates the U.S. government
  • May 18, 1944: Deportations from Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, to Auschwitz end with the transport of 2500 Jews. May 19, 1944: Jews deported from Paris to Kovno, Lithuania, are machine-gunned by guards
  • dies of starvation at the camp/ghetto at Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. March 16, 1943: A much-feared SS trooper is murdered in Lvov, Ukraine, by a Jewish man named Kotnowski; See March 17, 1943.
  • May 9, 1945: The camp/ghetto at Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, is liberated by Soviet forces. May 9, 1945: Friedrich Krüger, an SS-Obergruppenführer responsible for mass exterminations of Polish
  • he was sent to that killing center from the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto in early October 1942. Treblinka's gas chambers claimed more than 800,000 Jewish lives, but Glazar was among the
  • One thousand Jews deported by train from the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto on August 4 are transferred to gassing vans at Maly Trostinets (near Minsk, Belorussia), executed, and dumped into
  • friends and relatives interned at Auschwitz and the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto. 1942: The "Final Solution" pg. 398 The Holocaust Chronicle © 2009 Publications International, Ltd.
  • April 18, 1942: One thousand Jews who leave the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto by train for a ghetto at Rejowiec, Poland, are diverted to the death camp at Sobibór. April 18, 1942: Disgusted
  • October 28, 1942: The first transport from Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, arrives at Auschwitz. October 28, 1942: Sixteen thousand Jews are murdered at Pinsk, Poland. October 28, 1942: Mieczyslaw

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