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  • Not all agreed on the means to that goal. In Munich, the White Rose organization of students Hans and Sophie Scholl printed leaflets opposing Hitler. This action led to their capture and execution. The
  • Erhard Auer was one of many Munich Post journalists who worked to expose the lies behind Hitler's supposed patriotism. Photo: Bilderdienst SYddeutscher Verlag Although it eased some Versailles Treaty
  • Müller afterward joined the Munich police department, becoming the department's authority on communism and left-wing movements. His zeal and knowledge of the Communist Party brought him recognition from
  • Hitler addresses the NSDAP leaders' meeting in Munich in August 1928. He argued that the Nazis' poor showing in the May elections necessitated radical changes in strategy. Photo: Archive Photos: F11EMB9
  • degenerate art" that was held in Munich in 1937. The Nazis considered Chagall's works, as well as those by Picasso and van Gogh, inappropriate for German collections. Photo: University of New Hampshire
  • constructed for The Eternal Jew exhibition that opened in Munich on November 8, 1937. Photo: Sü suddeutscher Verlag Bilderdienst On November 5, 1937, at the Hossbach Conference, Hitler informed the
  • Hanna Lehrer, a Munich Jew, wears both her personal Jewish star around her neck and the mandated Yellow Star badge identifying her, isolating her, and alienating her from other Germans. Hanna was later
  • Senior SS officers meet at Gestapo headquarters in Munich in November 1939. Pictured from left to right are Gestapo chief Heinrich Müller; Franz Josef Huber, leader of the Gestapo in Vienna; SS Chief
  • Czech lands openly violated the accords reached at the Munich Conference six months earlier. At those meetings, Hitler had assured the naive prime minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, that he had
  • 1938, Adolf Hitler attended a dinner in Munich to honor Nazi Party heroes. During the course of the evening, he received word of the death of Ernst vom Rath, a German diplomat in Paris. Upon receiving

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