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  • Political Department of the District Army Command in Munich, a 30-year-old veteran of World War I was instructed to reply to Adolf Gemlich, a soldier who had wondered why Germany had lost the war. The
  • Dachau The Dachau camp, near Munich, Germany, was the first official concentration camp established by the Nazi Party. Staffed initially by local SA and SS men, Dachau was the scene of excessively cruel
  • Himmler was born into a middle-class Catholic family in Munich in 1900. He studied agriculture and economics but was most intrigued with Nazi politics. He joined the fledgling SS in 1925 and became its
  • Dachau Munich, Germany 35,000 Dora-Nordhausen Harz Mountains, Germany 8125 Mittelbau/Mittelwerk 20,000 Flossenbürg Upper Palatine, Bavaria 27,000 Gross-Rosen Lower Silesia, Germany
  • such as Munich or Theresienstadt. A new page will appear with search results, short descriptions of the destination pages, and links directly to those pages. Go Directly to a Chapter: The Holocaust Chronicle
  • leaflets that were distributed at the University of Munich and at other universities throughout Germany. Photo: Bilderdienst SYddeutscher Verlag Swedish Prince Gustavus Adolphus visits Germany in 1942.
  • stands trial at the Dachau concentration camp near Munich, Germany. Charged with infecting over 1000 prisoners with malaria, Dr. Schilling was found guilty and condemned to death. He pleaded with the
  • a memorial of "Nazi martyrs" in Munich, Germany. The stately monument memorialized deceased National Socialists, whereas their victims' corpses, mostly those of Jews, were dumped in nameless mass graves
  • planes near Munich. The German troopers fled, leaving the prisoners to the care of a U.S. Army reconnaissance unit. So grateful was the girl that she gave the necklace as a gift to her rescuer, a GI named
  • the prewar occupation of Austria, the Munich Conference, the German takeover of Czechoslovakia, and the wartime Battle of Britain. His courageous reporting was an exception to the American media's often

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