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  • incorrigibly antisemitic well before he met Fritz Gerlich in Munich during the spring of 1923. Nor would any serious interpreter repudiate the view that Hitler's antisemitism was unwavering. His hatred
  • squelched Hitler's grab for power in Munich in 1923. Photo: Ullstein Bilderdienst Once Kahr was free of intimidation, he renounced his coerced support. He also directed Bavarian police forces to be
  • The exhibit opened in Munich on July 19, 1937. It contained more than 650 important paintings, sculptures, and books that up until a few weeks before the exhibit had all been in one of Germany's 32 public
  • near Munich, Germany. Laundry hanging to dry testifies to their efforts to establish a pattern of normal life. At the end of the war, seven to nine million displaced persons were scattered throughout
  • Although a political rightist, Munich newspaper editor Fritz Gerlich abhorred Hitler. His opinion was unwavering throughout Hitler's rise to power, and ultimately cost Gerlich his life. Photo: Bilderdienst
  • April 29, 1945: At Allach, Germany, near Munich, many Jewish refugees die of overeating following the arrival of supplies brought by American troops. 1945: Liberation and Rebuilding pg. 613 The
  • June 9, 1938: The main synagogue at Munich is burned to the ground by Nazis. June 14, 1938: All Jewish businesses that have not already been registered and marked must now comply with the Reich requirement.
  • He lived in Munich for a time and then returned to Austria, where he was found physically unfit for military service. Nevertheless, when World War I began in August 1914, Hitler was elated, and he volunteered
  • a professor at the University of Munich, whose geopolitical theory centered on "space as a factor of power." Hitler believed Germany's required living space could be taken from Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • Lebensborn home for expectant Aryan mothers opens near Munich. 1936: The Institut der NSDAP zum Studium der Judenfrage (Institute of the NSDAP to Study the Jewish Question) is founded by Joseph Goebbels.

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