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  • I swear to God," Cohen replies that he is God, so the man might as well swear. Cohen refers to Indians of the past as "Redskins." For those opposed to gambling, some of that occurs in one of Cohen's parlors. A white sheriff refers to Coleman (who's black) as "boy." Cohen refers to Chief Parker as a "sadistic, Bible-thumping boozer." Cohen refers to Grace as "red sn*tch" when asking about her
  • Billy hires statistics wizard Peter Brand (JONAH HILL) away from the Cleveland Indians. Peter has a different view regarding what players should be on the team, all based on various individual numbers and stats that, if aligned and manipulated properly, could yield a winning squad. And since Billy is desperate to avoid losing in the playoffs again and knowing full well that he's already losing his
  • Michael ended up falling into a cave and came across a series of stones once used by the Anasazi Indians to keep demonic spirits at bay. Now back in the family's suburban home, they start causing creepy things to happen, many of which are initially attributed to Michael and his condition. But when they escalate and things progressively get spookier, the parents eventually take the advice of Simon'

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