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  • Still, Berry and founder Shawn Fanning had a great run and became cultural icons in the fight for freedom on the internet. Berry, who remains on the board of directors, will be dearly missed by Napster
  • Do you see Shawn Fanning as The Rock? Or have you always pictured Hank Berry as Stone Cold Steve Austin? Well, Napster needs a team with that level of strength, talent and showmanship. Napster is fighting
  • ORIGINALLY FILED: October 31, 2000 A jubilant Shawn Fanning exclaimed, "My message to Napster users: If you think Napster is great now, just wait. We're just getting started." Fanning then spun around
  • panel¬ís shot at Napster sent an ominous message to fans of digital music file sharing. Napster won't be shut down immediately. However notices posted on both the web site and the service bulletin board
  • Napster Creator Shawn Fanning and Napster CEO Hank Berry have placed a video statement on-line that says in part that the company will continue to "fight for your right to share music." The recording