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  • Finding God Beyond Blind Faith Jesus is honored in every major religion. See what Jesus says he offers us. Here's a brief summary of his life and words… By Paul E. Little It is impossible for
  • Finding God Who Was Jesus? A quick look at the life of Jesus Christ, from the Bible. By EveryStudent.com The following gives you a quick look at the life of Jesus Christ. These are excerpts straight
  • Spiritual Qs Jesus and Islam Here are six questions that followers of Islam, and others, often ask about Jesus... By EveryStudent.com This article will be a very respectful presentation to anyone
  • Spiritual Qs Why Did Jesus Die? Here’s what Jesus’ death and resurrection, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, was all about… By EveryStudent.com Jesus Christ’s death by crucifixion was reserved
  • Spiritual Qs Did Jesus Ever Say He was God? What did Jesus say about himself? Did he ever say he was God? See for yourself… By EveryStudent.com Others were convinced that Jesus was God: Paul:
  • Spiritual Qs The Politics of Jesus Christians, throughout the world, might say their personal faith guides their political stances. What do we know about the political views of Jesus? See this…
  • Spiritual Qs What does Jesus offer us? Q: "Why believe in Jesus? What does Jesus offer me?" A Way Out of Darkness – So many of the problems we encounter in life are brought on by ourselves or by
  • What Happened to the Early Disciples of Jesus? Speaking out about Jesus meant the disciples risked being tortured, even killed. Why didn't they keep silent? Each of the 12 apostles left families and
  • Relationships The Truth About Jesus Looking at African-American history, is Jesus still relevant for African Americans today? By Dr. Charles Gilmer Devotion to Jesus has been a large part of the
  • Spiritual Qs Were the Miracles of Jesus Real? Were the miracles of Jesus merely tricks to fool people into believing he was God? How can we know? See this… By EveryStudent.com Miracles display