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  • very, very good", New Zealand was too spread out to service the South Island from Palmerston North. (References: Press, 15/7/99, "Goodmans target Ernest Adams", p.22; 22/7/99, "E. Adams bid ‘manipulatedÂ’
  • of inheritance advanced the notion that hereditary characters were contained in an immutable 'plasm' transmitted unchanged from parent to offspring". I am sure there are many readers more qualified than
  • A minus or better), which most are unlikely to get, or a letter of credit from a bank. However they do it, the companies will face higher costs, which, if not offset by greater efficiencies in the market,
  • tried to sell its entire holding to an interesting character called Clive Currie who "at the beginning of 1990 had no car and owed NZI bank nearly $3 million" and managed to get himself into trouble with