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  • of General Distributors Limited resulting from the better utilisation of capital which is likely to result in ongoing competitiveness and growth and expansion of supermarkets which is ultimately of benefit
  • and proposes to bring the benefits of international best practice and substantial capital backing to this industry in New Zealand. The proposal is likely to result in increased efficiencies in the aged
  • securing and developing the best farm and forest opportunities on behalf of investors and overseas clients and has facilitated the sale of many of forestry blocks to overseas investors over the years.
  • very, very good", New Zealand was too spread out to service the South Island from Palmerston North. (References: Press, 15/7/99, "Goodmans target Ernest Adams", p.22; 22/7/99, "E. Adams bid ‘manipulatedÂ’
  • of inheritance advanced the notion that hereditary characters were contained in an immutable 'plasm' transmitted unchanged from parent to offspring". I am sure there are many readers more qualified than
  • A minus or better), which most are unlikely to get, or a letter of credit from a bank. However they do it, the companies will face higher costs, which, if not offset by greater efficiencies in the market,
  • tried to sell its entire holding to an interesting character called Clive Currie who "at the beginning of 1990 had no car and owed NZI bank nearly $3 million" and managed to get himself into trouble with