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siteLevel Basic
siteLevel Basic is a free service provided to you in exchange for ads placed on your search results pages.  If you do not wish there to be ads placed on your search results pages, or desire other extended features, siteLevel Pro may be of interest to you.  Click here to learn more.
The following features are included in the siteLevel Basic service:

Up To 1000 Page Index - Learn more.

Unlimited Technical Support Via Email - Learn more.

Extensive Search Result Customizability - Learn more.

Extensive Search Box Customizability - Learn more.

Powerful Spidering Control - Learn more.

Configure How Relevancy Is Determined - Learn more.

Handles HTML, PDF, RTF, and DOC Files - Learn more.

Comprehensive Reporting - Learn more.

Re-Indexing On Demand - Learn more.

Search Box Slices - Learn more.

Scheduled Re-Indexing - Keep your searchable index up-to-date with weekly scheduled re-indexing.  Learn more.

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